My Approach

Individual Psychotherapy

I believe in a collaborative approach to therapy and consider the unique qualities and presenting situations of each individual within a larger context. I take an integrative approach to my work with clients, utilizing various principles and strategies that are associated with evidence-based therapy including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This may include mindfulness-based techniques, as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) techniques. I match my approach to each individual while providing a safe and supportive environment. I provide practical, direct, and useful strategies in a compassionate manner. I ask for feedback from patients and gather data in order to ensure that you are continually making progress while we are working together.

I truly enjoy helping people make improvements to their daily life by assisting them develop strategies to manage their struggles. When we meet for individual psychotherapy, we will work together to develop the best treatment plan for you in therapy with the goal in mind to be able to reduce the frequency of sessions as your symptoms improve. We will use brief assessment measures on a weekly basis in order to monitor our progress working together and we will continually adjust our agenda as needed to meet your needs.

Assessment Services

You may be seeking an assessment in order to explain and/or better understand your, or your child/adolescent's difficulties, provide diagnostic clarification, obtain recommendations for appropriate interventions, receive reasonable and appropriate academic and/or professional accommodations, and to learn practical ways to help you/your child/loved ones function better in daily life. A referring professional, such as a mental health clinician, physician/pediatrician, or learning specialist, may be recommending that you obtain this evaluation. An assessment involves an in-depth clinical interview, school observation (when warranted), collateral contacts, review of records, administration of standardized tests, a comprehensive report, a detailed feedback session, as well as additional feedback to referring providers as needed.

When working with an individual while conducting an assessment, I am working with you and collaborating with others (teachers, co-workers, tutors, mental heath providers, medical providers, loved ones, etc.) who know you well, in order to obtain as much information as possible. I then incorporate this knowledge with my expertise in interpreting the test data produced from our in-depth evaluation. This allows me to arrive at appropriate diagnoses, when warranted, and also to provide you with detailed recommendations as to how you may work to improve any areas of weakness. Recommendations for academic or professional accommodations are provided when warranted. Our main goal during the assessment process is to gain a clear and thorough understanding of your or your loved one’s strengths and limitations so that I may provide recommendations as how to improve quality of life.